Monday, November 5, 2018

A Day Skipped - Well, Kinda!

Yesterday was Sunday... and I couldn't do NaNoWriMo - or could I? 

Okay, I was on a bus trip with an art gallery I do volunteer work at for our Christmas Party out of town and on the way to our destination, I pulled out a pen and paper and notes on Chapter 4.

What was going on.
Who was going where.
I asked questions about other characters.
I asked questions about the story.

It took a while and I was glad I did it.

You see, if I hadn't done that, I would have sat down today and thought: 'Now, what was I thinking yesterday? Oh, crap, shoulda written it down!' And seeing I did, I've covered my butt well and truly.

So, today, I'm going to write more than I would have yesterday because of those notes.

Oh... yeah I totally enjoyed yesterday's Christmas Party. We had a great time! We lost one person, found them, and stuffed ourselves full of food, saw some great murals around Toowoomba, Queensland, and slept on the way home.

There were some stories I could have written about that town, truly there are!

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