Saturday, July 4, 2009

50 Ways to Make Your House & Garden Greener by Sian Berry

I recently received this book from a friend online and found it very resourceful and beautifully written - as well as a lot of fun and well-thought out. This book has fifty ways to help make you think greener and make you operate your home and garden in a better - more environmentally-friendly way. I enjoyed reading parts of it on the way home from the post office; and found that it's an easy book to get into, and I found my way through to the parts of the house I wanted to get to just as easily.

Sian Berry is just 33 years old, was born in Cheltenham, UK, to two teachers and is one of the youngest candidates to throw her hat into the mayoral ring in London. She is the co-founder of Alliance Against Urban 4X4s campaign group and she once picketed against Chelsea FC dressed as a footballer's wife with a placard that said: 'Your range rover is over'.
Despite the political side of her, Sian Berry has penned four books to inform people on how to save the planet starting in their homes. This book is just one of them.

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