Monday, July 6, 2009

The Big Little Book of Yoga by Howard Kent

This rather ugly-looking book was quite a find for me at a bookstore. I actually wasn't looking for it at all; instead, I was looking for a book on yoga (yes, that) but something a little more about the history of it that wasn't so thick. However, it was how I found it that was interesting... shoved down the back of a bookcase in a bookshop where new books were sold. I was kind of happy and disgusted at the same time at my find. Happy because it was a book no longer sold there, but disgusted that I had to reach all the way over the back of the bookcase and to the floor to find it. However, here it is in my possession.
Howard Kent is one of the world's best minds in Yoga. This little book has a lot of history about this practice in it and is well worth the read when you have time after a session of Hattha Yoga and you want to feed your mind. It's not the most attractive book - being a fluorescent green and hot pink colour - but it's certainly eye-catching and very informative. In all it's twelve parts, you'll be well-informed about the history, teachers, benefits, Chakras, the body's natural design, the importance of breathing, positions, stretching, Yoga in daily life; right up to Yoga for special needs people. This book is a must for anyone who wishes to get the right information about this very old - yet beneficial - lifestyle.

Howard Kent is the founder and director of the Yoga for Health Foundation in the United Kingdom, where he continues to practice and teach. The Foundation has approximately 125 branches in the British Isles and has branches or representatives in 23 other countries. Howard's television series, "Yoga for Health, was broadcast in over 20 countries, and he has written nine previous books on yoga, including "Day by Day Yoga, Yoga: Key Facts, The Complete Yoga Course, and "The Complete Illustrated Guide to Yoga. Claire Hayler, D.C., M.M.CA., is a registered chiropractor and has two clinics in the United Kingdom. She has been practicing yoga for 25 years and teaching since 1986. She has been closely associated with the Yoga for Health Foundation for many years and was invited to become a trustee in 2001.
Unfortunately, Howard passed away on 15th, February, 2005 at the age of 85; leaving behind the brilliant work of Yoga For Health Foundation behind; which had built a membership of 120 locations within the UK and had opened up others in 20 other countries.

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