Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tongue-Lashing by Jean Kittson

This fun and lively book was found in a bag of books that was doing the rounds. I saw it and thought it would be a good giggle. And believe me when I say I made the right choice in picking it out!

Jean Kittson writes about everything in this no-holds-barred book on marriage, sex and big feet, school lunches and Stone's Green Ginger Wine. It's not a heavily written one either, keeping your eyes forever wondering from one page to the next quite easily - as a funny book should do - and yet I keep going back for more hilarity; just when I think she's covered every other subject, she finds something I didn't think of and makes it funnier than ever! This book is well worth a read.

Jean Kittson began her comedy career in Melbourne's comedy heartland of Le Joke. Her series of solo performances established her as a natural comic and actor who was just at the beginning of her career. From Le Joke, Kittson's career took off when she starred in the on-stage show of 'Let the Blood Run Free' as Nurse Pam Sandwich. This show was later turned into a television series and Britian's Channel 4; being distributed worldwide.
Her success was inevitable as 'The Big Gig' was aired and her characters on the show were so completely different from each other that she became a chameleon onstage. She became a regular guest on 'Good News Week' and works also on 'The Great Debate' series with Paul McDermott and Jason Byrne that 'Coming First is All That Matters'. Jean has also been a guest on 'The Einstein Factor' where she shows not only her comic gift but her wide-ranging knowledge. She has also been a regular guest on 'The Glasshouse' on the ABC.

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