Friday, July 10, 2009

A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands

Lissianna Argeneau's birthday party has been given a twist; a couple actually. First, she's taken out on the town by her cousins and then she's taken home where the party continues in the massive Argeneau house where she finds in her Aunt Marguerite's house a man tied to one of the beds... in fact it's Lissianna's own bed. After two hundred years of being a vampire, she had yet to find the right man to settle with; and here he seems to be all tied up to her bed, a present from her Aunt. However, the man isn't a present, he's Dr. Greg Hewitt - a psychologist - who was brought in to help Lissianna with an embarrassing phobia that has affected her for her entire life. However, nobody ever told him she was this hot-looking; and he's not sure if it's ethical to fall in love with his patient.

I've been reading Lynsay Sands' books for a while now; seeing I can't get into ordinary romances, and have found them brilliantly worded and very well-plotted. This is the first of the entire series; and I'll be looking out for the rest of them.

Lynsay Sands absolutely loves what she does - whether or not she'd get paid for it. She says that she loves to play God in her books: saying who lives and dies, who succeeds and who fails. It's how much she loves to write about vampires. Lynsay believes that most writers are secret control freaks who want to control the world; and from their own books, they do in a way. Find out more from her official website on the sidebar.

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