Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Magician by Raymond E Feist

Pug is an orphaned boy who is apprenticed to a master magician at Crydee, a frontier outpost in the tranquil King of the Isles. Abruptly, the peace of the Kingdom is destroyed as mysterious alien invaders come through from the land and Pug is swept up into the conflict; but for his warrior friend, Tomas, an odyssey into the unknown has only just begun, as he will inherit a legacy of savage power from an ancient civilisation. However, Pug's destiny will lead him though a rift into the very fabric of time and space to the unimaginable power of strange new magicks he's never experienced before.

I first found this book in a second-hand shop (as I find most of my books) and I thought it was a one-off book. However as I came to the end, I discovered that this was the beginning of a marvelous and brilliant journey through a five-book series that I loved - and still love - that takes me on the same road each time; but I feel as though it's the first.

Raymond E Feist is a brilliant writer who has entertained his fans for well over a decade. He lives in California with his family and is still writing. However, I've put in a link to his biography for you so you can take a wonder around his official website.

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