Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bookcrossing Meet Up In Mooloolaba

I love receiving books from people.  And what I love more is meeting up with people with like interests.  Today, this is exactly what my Mum and I did here in Mooloolaba.  We're staying at the Mantra Hotel on the Beach (I won a competition a few months back and this is her Mother's Day gift from me to her) and so, we thought to stay for a few more days.  I thought to get a Bookcrossing Meet-Up going while we were up here.

We had a coffee on the Esplanade and there were more than your usual selection of books.  I had brought along my whole AVL bag (well, most of it) and it went around the table and came back with quite a few books taken out.  Mum and I were offered a lot of books too.
The first book I noticed was 'Big Bang' by Simon Singh.  It's a simple - yet very long - explanation of what the Big Bang Theory is all about.  Being a person who doesn't understand physics but would love to, I saw this book and straight away grabbed it.  Then, there were two Nicholas Sparks books: 'At First Sight' and 'Dear John'.  I was told they're great books and so I'm looking forward to reading them sometime either this year or next year.  Then there is
'Taste-Berry Tales'.  A book of stories by various authors. I do like these books, they are very interesting and light to read normally and so to read a few of the stories once in a while means you don't have to commit yourself if you don't wish to.  My last one was 'The Hotel New Hampshire' by John Irving.  I've been trying to read some of his older work as he's put out a new book recently and I'd like to see if his work has changed from years ago to today.
And seeing today's only Tuesday, you never know what other books I may yet find up here on the Sunshine Coast before the week is out!

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