Monday, May 10, 2010

A Thousand Paths to a Peaceful Life by David Baird

When you've had enough of the stresses of life and you're ready to explode, this book is full of sayings and quiet prayers for meditation for when life is too stressful to help you deal with it all.  The beautiful gold on gold cover is the first thing that relaxes you as you wonder what's inside it.  And, instead of reading it from cover to cover, just flip it open to a page and read the odd saying or two... they're in no particular order.  It's wonderful.

I received this wonderful book in a large parcel full of goodies from the most generous Bookcrosser around:  Shemchin.  It was a horrible day when I checked my PO Box and picked up this parcel with this book enclosed; along with 'Reeces' Peanut Buttercups and other reads too!  But this one stays by my bed for the nights where I can't sleep.  It has helped me with all kinds of problems and so I think this would be one book I'd take with me if I had to pick out one book. 

When I googled David Baird's name, not much came up but a Wiki reference (and there wasn't anything in there but some links; pretty useless) and some photos of him.  Then, I found of the books he's written.  However this particular one is out of print.  So, if you are given a copy or find a good copy in a second-hand shop, do buy it as it's worthwhile to have in your collection.

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