Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May Book Buys 2010.

Well, this month having Mother's Day within the first week for the Southern Hemisphere, I thought to purchase something along that theme for my cousin in New York; as she has just had a lovely little baby girl in January.  I had planned to get a couple of books and send them on their way to her.  However, my plan backfired when I e-mailed her and asked what she'd like to read (after all, I have a massive collection of books to choose from; and whatever she chose, I may have) and she told me not to go to the trouble.  
So, here I am with two books I bought all about motherhood and raising children when I have none of my own.  The first one is 'Can I Give Them Back Now?' by Joanna Simmons and Jay Curtis.  This was bought at the Book Cafe at Garden City for around $5.00 and I thought it would be a funny look at bringing up children.
The second one I purchased was 'Mums:  A Celebration of
Motherhood' by various authors and edited by Sarah Brown & Gil McNeil.  It's all short stories and memories of how the Mums of famous people shaped their lives.  I thought it would be a lovely addition to my cousin's collection for her to read little bits and pieces of when her baby was sleeping or when she found that little bit of peace when she had that little bit of time to herself enough to read just a snippet. I apologise for not giving you the photograph of the cover; it's a hardcover, dark blue book.  So, I photographed the title page instead.
Then, I found a book in amongst the Library Book Cull that I thought would be appropriate for baby Annabell.  It's a first edition copy of 'Sun and Moon' by Naomi Mitchell; a Greek tale about a brother and sister who were kept within the confines of their castle by their parents.  Then, one day, the brother escaped and experienced the world while the sister stayed at the castle.  I thought it would be a lovely story for when Annabell was old enough to read.
So, they were my purchases and finds for this month.  Stay tuned for next month; you never know what I may find in the most unusual places.


  1. I bought some books earlier this month from the thrift store I've been volunteering at but have had to take a haitus from in order to go out of town and babysit my nephew. I have yet to register them, and that'll have to wait until August as, again, I'm out of town babysitting. I have brought along my current TBR. Whether or not I will be in any position to release any of the books after I've read them (if I have time to read them) remains to be seen. The book I'm currently on is "Push Comes To Shove" which I got in the spring. Once I'm back home, I'll be in a better position to send it to someone else.

  2. Isn't it funny how life can interfere with our book loving ways, whether we want it to or not? And sometimes it's for the better.

    I'm a little behind in my reading compared to last year's efforts; but I'm working on it.