Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Love Is A Mixed Tape by Rob Sheffield

Rob met Renee way back when in the 1990's.  It wasn't meant to be; he was a shy geeky guy who's into music and she was an in-your-face extrovert; but the only thing they had in common was music and their love for it.  Music brought them together, married them in life and love and music helped Rob through the most horrendous part of love anyone can go through: losing a wife to a sudden death.
This memoir is a touching story about how music shaped Rob Sheffield's life with his wife; and how it got him back on track.  Now a music critic for Rolling Stone, Rob Sheffield's book will touch a chord with anyone who has a collection of mixed tapes in their house.  And you know, we've all got them for one reason or another.

I remember making them for different times in my life; and it never crossed my mind to write a book about them.  However, Rob Sheffield has made writing about love and music and mixed tapes a great thing.  He's made me look into my mixed tapes and remember when I made them and why.  If you're into music, this is a book you must read this year.

I haven't found an official website for Rob Sheffield; the best I've found for you is on Wikipedia, and I hate to say this but I don't really trust the information on that site (I would much rather give you an official site to run around on of an author).  So, I'll put in the Wiki site on the sidebar for now until a proper site can be found for him.


  1. This is a wonderful book for music fans. I thought it was heartwarming.

  2. I do love this book; and one of my friends want to read it too. I'm going to lend it to him too.

  3. Wow, I've never heard of this but I'm really intrigued! It's going on the TBR - thanks for sharing!