Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can I Give Them Back Now? by Joanna Simmons & Jay Curtis

This A-Z book gives a whole new meaning to being a parent; actually, it shows how funny and infuriating it can be sometimes.  Joanna Simmons and Jay Curtis take an often dark and occasionally shocking stance on what it is to be a parent; at how much people really do love their children, but sometimes... 

Initially, I bought this book for my cousin in New York.  However, I've found that she doesn't have much time to read with her new little addition to the family.  So, I thought to have a quick look-through of this book myself and found it funny in so many ways.

Joanna Simmons has written other books on interiors and property.  This book is her most recent one published; this time with a co-author.
There isn't much on the net about Jay Curtis; so I'm unable to tell you much about her.  However, I'll be putting up Joanna Simmons' link on the sidebar if you're interested in her other books and her.

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