Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mum's Book Cull

Last week, Mum asked me to help her with her books and culling them.  So, first, we wrote out all the titles to get and idea of which books she had and what we could do with them... and did the have some books!!!  We found some great out-of-print books and some brilliant cookbooks from times gone by.  Then, I found a book that was given to me as a present and
Mum gave it back to me.  It's an Asian Cookbook (and I'm looking forward to working through it to make some of the stir-fries in it!  Yummo!).
I also scored some other wonderful books like Doris Lessing's 'The Pit' and 'Kewpie Doll' by Barbara Hanrahan.  Then, there were some books you don't see around anymore like 'Noddy's Car Gets A Squeak'
by Enid Blyton and the original 'The Sound of Music' book.  I was so amazed they were still in their original covers and in such good condition.  Well, the Noddy book has always looked like that, but the other one I've never seen before.  I saw a few physical fitness ones where you used the old-style rock dance methods to keep fit (for example The Charleston or the Boogie-Woogie to fast rock music).  And when I looked through the book, it looked like fun; so I thought to give it a try this Winter to keep off the extra weight I normally put on.

So, which books have you scored recently from a clean-out at a friends or relative's house?  Were they all you wished for and more?  Or were they from out of left field?  Do share which books you've acquired just because they were going to a charity or were out of date.

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