Friday, December 9, 2011

Book Warehouse Review

In my area, there's a great book store.  It's not big and flashy like Dymocks and QBD and it's not poor and old like those Life Line charity stores (even though I have found some great and brilliant finds in those charity stores every now and again).  I'm talking about The Book Warehouse.  This is a place where all the books go that can't be sold by the publisher; before they are sent off to be shredded and used again for another book.  I buy a lot of my books at the Springwood branch of this store simply because they are about a quarter of the price they normally are in the stores; also there are some books in these places I've never seen in the usual stores, let alone heard of.  So, these Book Warehouses are very good for those people you find hard to buy for.

The Springwood branch of The Book Warehouse is easily found at the Arndale Shopping Centre in Springwood, just inside the back doors closest to the Service Road.  The best thing about this store is that there's steps up to it and a ramp as well; for those in wheelchairs or who have prams.  Straight away, you feel very welcomed by the atmosphere here.  There's easy-listening music softly playing and nobody bothering you about what you'd like to look at; it's all spread out for you on the tables.  The General Popular Fiction is along the right hand wall as you walk in and from there, you walk around the store poring over the titles, authors and books; in no particular order.  

However, in amongst the madness of the set-up, there is order.  There's sections (once you've been there a few times, you'll see it) where there's cooking, travel, non-fiction, Hollywood Stars and Artists, Biography, musicians and also books on the weird and strange, science and questionable books with titles such as 'Strange Thoughts We Have Like: Was It The Chicken Or The Egg That Came First' by two doctors you've never heard of from Europe.  

Yes, The Book Warehouse isn't a place you visit once and it's done.  This is a place you go back to time and again; as there's always something different there each time.  The stock is always being changed over and the prices are wonderfully low and the books are of good quality as well.  It's well-lit, welcoming and I do recommend more than one visit; even if you're passing through and you don't have any money on you... as you will make sure you do the next time you visit 'The Book Warehouse'.

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  1. This place sounds fabulous!! I like finding bargain priced books and books that I've never seen or heard of before!!