Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Poetry Prose

Since high school, I've written poetry to get out the bottled up feelings of being trapped as a teenager.  After high school, I found myself writing books; however whenever I finished writing a book, it was poetry I found myself settling back into to relax; whether it was writing it or reading it, it was something I found helped me find the next idea for my next book.
So, for all you poets out there - inspiring poets and lovers of poetic prose - I've thought to find some links to blogs and sites for you to delve into over this time of the year.  


Modern Australian Poetry


  1. Verse Novels have became my simple pleasure. Do you enjoy them? Who is your favourite verse novel author?

    Mine is Lisa Schroeder.

    Thanks for the links

  2. It hasn't been until the last few years that I've discovered Versed Novels. I know that sounds very naive of me, but I really haven't read that many until this year; and that was 'The Monkey's Mask' by Dorothy Porter. I do have 'Make Lemonade' however I haven't read that one yet.