Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Shameless Promotion

About a month or so ago, I was offered by Bibliotastic to have my worked published in an anthology.  They told me there'd be only a certain number of words and I jumped at the chance; immediately picking out six of my favourite vampire stories from my files and sent them away to two of the best writers I knew to help me with editing.  
After about a fortnight of e-mailing files and stories and finally sitting down to the whole book in one file of editings, I had to sit down for a week and read through all the comments and fix-ups.  And finally, it's happened, my book 'Graveyard Shift' has been published under my Real Life name.  I'm so pleased about this that I wanted to share this day with you all; as it has only just been put up onto the net now!
Now, I'd like to shamelessly promote my first book 'Graveyard Shift' by Lynda Parker to you all.

Graveyard Shift by Lynda Parker 

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