Thursday, December 1, 2011

Summer of Fun!

Welcome, welcome!  It's the beginning of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere and thus far, we've had a storm grumble by and temperature drop by about six degrees... yep you heard me right!  It's cold instead of hot and steamy.  
But that isn't going to stop us from having the Summer Fun I promised.  As the saying goes here in Australia:  'Rain, Hail or Shine, the show goes on'... so will this one.  And as promised, I've been busy with looking at what to do this Summer.  And so, I've been spontaneously going through Google and found a few book blogs that looked great.  
The first book blog that caught my eye was Kate's Book Blog I clicked on it and found myself in a very plain - yet informative - blog about books, authors and a world of a lawyer who loves to read.  Kate covers all genres including poetry and has a massive list of other blogs down the sidebar of blogs I've never seen before.  Well worth a look into; so much so, I'll be adding her blog to my blog roll to you can all keep up to date with her blog.
Another I found while perusing the huge number of bloggers who love books is I Heart Reading a lovely bright blog which I haven't heard of until tonight by Majanka Verstraete in Belgium who loves books and reading.  Her most recent review is of 'The Lady of the Rivers' by Philippa Gregory (a book I received for my birthday and have been attempting to get into unsuccessfully).  Majanka has written a wonderfully indepth review of this book, about its characters and why this book - in particular - didn't work this time around for this author (who is usually fantastic).  So, do check out her blog; it's well worth looking into; as there's a lot of work put into it and she has a lot of other previous reviews that look great.
Now the third one I've found in a number of places - not just on Google.  So, I thought to put her blog up here for you all to have a look at it.  Becky's Book Reviews is a lovely-looking blog straight up.  Before you look at anything in particular, you like it immediately for its colour and beauty.  Right now, Becky has a few challenges going; and there's one up on the most current post, offering if we'd like to join her.  She's mentioned that she read 20 books last month; now, this is a serious reader!  I will be adding Becky's Book Reviews to the blog roll for all of you who are interested in her work.
Well, that's all the blogs of interest I've found so far.  I hope you enjoy them.  I'll be looking around for others as the next three months pass by (our Summer here in Australia) for you all.  Otherwise, until my next post, happy reading!

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