Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bookstore Review - QBD Garden City

Today, I was out and about doing Christmas Shopping.  Thank God, I'm one of those rare people who vows to get it all done in one day and then it's over and done with!  And today, I broke my record of three hours and finished my shopping in just over an hour!  How's that for being quick?
Well, I had to do my shopping at QBD, so I thought to kill to birds with one stone and do a bookstore review while I was there.  It was early in the day and Westfield Garden City had just opened its doors to the public - so had all the retail stores - so the place wasn't all that crowded yet.  I had the money I needed to buy the Christmas pressie for the Secret Santa and I knew I could get it at QBD.
This store at Garden City is well-known by me; and the staff know me quite well as I'm a regular there.  There's lovely large tables out the front with great bargains on them from during the year and last year at low, low prices.  From childrens' books to non-fiction to sci-fi to fantasy novels, this place has got them all.  And they also sell bookmarks and pens as well; which is an added bonus seeing they have diaries and journals instore too.  
With every isle marked out clearly, it's hard to get lost in this rather small shop, however it's very easy to find yourself buying more books than you can possibly carry when you've only gone in there for one or two.  But there is an up-side to this place.  They have a Book Club where you're given a card with a barcode on it and each time you make a purchase, they swipe your card on the reader as well.  When this is done, you accumulate points; and when you've made ten purchases, you acquire a book voucher!  I've found this a brilliant scheme as it works well for booklovers like myself.  
Another great thing about QBD is that they have an online store.  In case you can't get to their stores from your home, you can have your books delivered to you.  This has been a wonderful thing for QBD as it's made them more accessible for customers not only here in Australia, but also overseas.
So, if you're looking for a book - and don't like to pay full price - try out QBD.  It's a great store; and their motto is: Never Pay Full Price.  Believe me, I never have.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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