Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Avid Reader Bookstore

Yesterday afternoon, I took off to West End here in Brisbane to meet up with a friend of mine.  And we decided to make our meeting place the lizard.  However, I didn't have a clue where that was; so we changed it to 'Avid Reader' bookstore.  At 1pm, we met up there and wandered around the spacious interior perusing the books on display.  They were all in their own well-marked, distinct sections of this lovely store which took you away from the busy, loud main street of Boundary Street and into a secluded, book-filled arena that any book-lover could spend hours in. 
And if it wasn't the books that would keep you look around, it was the coffee shop at the back.  Yes, Avid Reader has the most lovely little cafe tucked away at the back which has kept people coming back for their fare and atmosphere for years.  The children's section had me boggled.  This little room of books was made up of bookcases tucked full of books ranging from picture books to young adult; and it was in a little book-made room next to the cafe so parents could keep and eye on their kids with large signs throughout asking them to not have food or drink inside here and explaining why (in the language that only kids understand).  It's great!  And if I was kid, I'd be tucked away there in the corner, never to come out to go home.
Besides the huge amount of books, there were also book gadgets at the counter.  From book lights, bookmarks and mugs with scrabble letters on them, to journals, notebooks of all sizes and wonderful pens and other nick-nacks, they also had a booklet explaining what the assets were in owning an e-reader was.  This is a great thing; as this means Avid Reader not only sells books, but they also advocate e-readers as being a part of the book world.  I also spotted over near the door - before I left this wonderful book heaven - a rack of books that the employees stacked up with books they recommended customers to read.  This was a rack that was full of all kinds of titles that shows that the people who work there are also big readers and lovers of the written word.  So, I do recommend you go and peruse this store.  You never know how long you'll spend in it.
However, as my friend, Will, and I stepped out the front and looked at the windows - which had tall, flat bookcases with books facing out toward the streets - we saw a table full of books that were discounted for anyone to buy.  These books are at a quarter off the full price.  I was most tempted to grab one, however, I didn't instead just looked at all of them and walked on by.  Yes, this bookstore is just as tempting at Bent Books up the road, and just as brilliantly stocked.  However, this bookstore stocks brand new books.  And if that's what you're looking for, this is the place to go.


  1. I love perusing bookstores, especially the independent variety!! I love bookstores with cafes in the back of them... Something I have not seen in awhile... Unless you happend to visit a Barnes & Noble store.

    1. I love the personal touch that a cafe gives a bookstore. It's the feel of: 'please don't leave too soon' feeling and I like that; and this is the feeling this bookstore give out when I approached it and the aroma of coffee wafted to my nose. :)