Monday, October 15, 2012


Have you ever inadvertently collected other things as a result of your main collection?  For example, if you paint, have you found old-fashioned easels your weakness?  Or, let's say music, you go out and collect cds and the next thing you know, you've become a vinyls collector (yep, I'm putting my hand up here because that happened to me in recent years).
Well, I have had a collection creep up on me that I never thought would; and it's because of my main collection.  And this secondary collection is bookmarks.  Now, I started out with about 10 or so and have ended up with around 500 in about 3 years.  I know what you're all thinking... how in the heck did that happen?  I did an art project where I needed a large number of bookmarks very quickly and so asked my friends on and they all pitched in and helped me out.  Over 3 - 4 months, I received so much mail, my little PO box was overflowing with parcels, envelopes and boxes filled to the brim with bookmarks.  And there I was busily sorting through them.
Some of them were old and lovely - and didn't make it into the art piece as they were just to nice to glue - while others were gifts from my Bookcrossing friends who thought what I was doing was great!  And once the piece was finished, I counted up the bookmarks that were arranged, glued and found I had around 200 bookmarks in my collage of 'Spread The Word'.  Now, the bookmarks that were leftover are living all over my house.  They are mainly in my office in a purple mini-crate where they all stand up on end, cramming for space, but yet they are all used, loved, creased and borrowed by various people in my family.  I've given a few to my niece, Riley, and still I receive them through the mail as books are sent to me...  and I don't know where to put them.  The little purple crate is overflowing now, and I've nowhere to put them.  So, now, I put them on the top shelf next to the modem and hope and pray I get to use them at some point.

So, do you have a collection that started out small, but kind of exploded out of control - which isn't your Mt TBR or your book collection?  If you do, please do share it with us here... mine is bookmarks.  Thankfully, they can be contained and are small enough to fit in a box or something tiny, but it could have been worse... much, much worse, right? Until my next post, happy reading.


  1. I *almost* started collecting stamps as an outcome from my postcard collection, but quickly gave up. Whew! I'm a collector, bordering on hoarder and don't need anything else cluttering up my over-flowing house!

    1. The bookmarks were a big whoops on my behalf... but at least they're useful. And if I have too many of one of them I can give them away too. :D