Tuesday, July 16, 2013

'Finding Pride' by Jill Sanders

Megan is in Pride to attend her brother's funeral.  Matt had been trying to get her to this lovely little town for years, but she wouldn't come to see him, for reasons of her own; which she kept hidden from him.  But now she's here she with her arm in a cast and covered in bruises, she feels horrible she had kept her own secrets from him.
But the people of Pride have welcomed her with open arms and helped her whenever she needed it.  She quickly became fast friends with Lacey Jordan and her brother Iian; and she totally fell for Todd, their older brother, who she just can't seem to stop thinking about!  But is it too soon after her dreadful divorce in Boston?  
And speaking of which, the trial to put her ex-husband away has yet to come around.  The stress of it has put Megan on edge.  However, her lawyer has ensured her that he's not going to bother again; but really, how secure are their prisons?  And will he get out?  With the arrangements of her new life in Pride, with a new business her brother, Matt, left for her to pick up and her new love interest in Todd (who scares her as well as excites her at the same time), will her new life turn out just as it's supposed to?

I downloaded this book when I was at Brighton recovering from my surgery at Greenslopes Private Hospital.  I didn't want to read anything too heavy; and a light romance seemed just the ticket.  However, as I got into this book - which has a great storyline - I found Jill Sanders had a fair bit of proof-reading to go on it.  There were some major grammatical and spelling errors all the way through the book (dessert - not desert - is for after dinner).  Some words were mixed up and in place of others making otherwise great sentences sound dreadful and off; and they weren't small errors either with these sentences - like leaving 'the' or 'a' out.  Some words were added in when they should have been removed.  Italics undone where it should have been left in as well (which is probably not her fault).  But like I said, the storyline was fantastic... however the love and sex scenes were a bit lost on me and could have done with a bit more description as they weren't as hot as I thought they'd be.  Yeah, Todd was gorgeous, but I couldn't feel the sex or heat between the characters.  It's the first of a trilogy... and it was free off iTunes.  Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be getting the others as they cost money (and I don't have anything in my iTunes account).  Until my next post, happy reading.

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