Sunday, July 7, 2013

Travel Reads

I was at the airport yesterday seeing off my parents on an overseas trip.  They're going to be away for 4 months enjoying themselves and having fun!  While Dad was rummaging through his hand-luggage, searching for a pen, I noticed he pulled out a book.  Well, he is going to be on a plane for a long length of time and then, he'd probably read before bed each night - much like he does here.  But once he finishes that book, what will he do with it?  Leave it in the hotel?  Go to a Book Exchange or Second-Hand Book Store for another?  Or will it sit in his bag unfinished and at the exact same place he left it as before?

Now, when I travel, I take a book or two with me - traditional books - and then I'll take a few e-books on my iPod with me too.  The traditional books are for when I'm going to bed, but the e-books are for when I'm out and about and just want to read little snippets when I'm eating at a cafe or waiting for somebody.  
Otherwise, I usually only take about three books with me on holidays, or traveling long distance - and this doesn't include my Dream Dictionary.

So, what do you take on holidays?  Do you take anything on holidays to read?  Or do you totally enjoy your vacation and keep reading for home only?  Would love to hear from you all.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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