Thursday, July 11, 2013

You've Got Mail

I've got some books on authors' letters where they've sent letters to everyone and anyone - even their wives.  These books aren't the most interesting reads, but they show how the author thinks, feels and goes about their everyday life.

Yesterday, I started cleaning out my house again.  This time, it's going to work better as I have access to a car here at my house that I'm going to drive to a charity to drop off things I don't want.  
Anyway, I found old birthday cards from when I was young and a set of old love letters from my first boyfriend.  I read the letters and am amazed at how hard we tried to stay together even though we were so far apart - an 8 hour car drive from Brisbane.  And no, the relationship didn't work out.
I won't tell you who hurt who, we're still friends all these years later.  Dan and I talk on Facebook and he's still got my love letters locked away in his room at the family home where nobody can get at them.  The funny thing is that we still laugh about silly things and he and I talk about everything and anything again... it's as though we're beginning over again but we're not strangers.  The letters have bridged that gap and so has our past relationship.
Even though we don't write letters - traditional letters - to each other anymore, I'm happy to know he wants to talk to me despite the distance.

In your life, have you had something like this happen, where you've got letters from friends and yet you still keep in touch with them?  Whether they're your old boyfriend or another friend from across the miles, are you still friends or have you lost touch with them over time?  Until my next post, happy reading.

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