Friday, May 1, 2015

Free Books! April Book Buys?

Okay... in the last month, I didn't spend a single penny on books, and yet I came across some to add to my collection.

Isn't it fun when you get freebies and you don't have any less money in the pocket?

Sure it is!

Well, I came across all three of my books on the same day - 11th, April - so this will make this post a lot easier than any other month.

The first one I picked up was 'Faylina' by D.L. Redshaw.  This is a children's book and I read it that night before turning out the light.  What a sweet, charming little book!  I do recommend it to anyone who has children who love fairies (and what little girl doesn't?).
The other two were picked up at the Logan Art Gallery - of all places - while I was doing a workshop there.  They were the unwanted books at one of the Logan City Libraries which were given to the gallery to destroy in the name of art.  These were 'Bagombo Snuff Box' by Kurt Vonnegut and 'The Cold One' by Christopher Pike.  I've heard of the Vonnegut book, and know it's really expensive to purchase; so this only saved me money to have it given to me by the gallery.  And the other?  Well, I've seen it on the inside pages of his books, but never came across it.  So, to find it in hardcover in a toss-out pile at an art gallery - and to be destroyed as well - was just my good fortune!

So, there you have it, my three books which didn't cost me a single penny to buy.  'Faylina' was given to me by the author herself, and I've added it to my 'I Have Read' Pile here in my office.  And the others?  Well, I'm trying to find a place for them here... um.. somewhere in this small office.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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