Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Reading Chair

Chairs are wonderful things; they truly are. But when you're choosing one to furnish your home just to curl up in to read books, magazines, the newspaper or any other printed material, you have to remember: it's gotta be comfortable.

And I have had a problem with my place like none other... I don't have a good place to read.

My lounge in my living room is around the television and stereo system, and every single person who walks by is a distraction to me. Then, sitting outside in my garden is a distraction in itself; as I don't do anything but look at my garden (oh yeah, that's really useful for me when I want to read a book, haha!). And then, when I read in bed, I end up nodding off in the middle of my book... darn!

The Reading Chair I fixed up last week is going to be a wonderful thing for me. 

So far, I've gotten through a lot of the junk in my office and I'm so pleased with myself.  My wheelie bin (the big bin I put out on a weekly basis for collection) is half full of rubbish bags and I've still got more to go today.  
Yesterday, I spent three hours cleaning out the wardrobe in here, moving what needed to be moved, looking through everything, cleaning out 4 'Green' environmentally-friendly bags and sorting out what I could give away. It was great!

Meanwhile, my chair is at the upholsterer's down the road getting new cushions, straps and another thing we took off because it was mouldy - and they're replacing it for us.  By the time the chair is ready and brought here, this room will be ready for it with clean carpets and all!  I can't wait.

Reading Chair - Photo One

Reading Chair - Photo Two

Reading Chair - Photo Three

I'll keep you updated at what the chair looks like when it arrives home... and then I'll be finding a little table to put next to it and a floor covering for underneath it too!  Aaahh... yes, then this will be the perfect home library, won't it?  Until my next post, happy reading.

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