Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Where Do You Read?

Reading just isn't reading unless you're comfortable, and this is a truth I totally believe.  Now, I love to read in bed, just before I turn out the light.  It could be really late at night, or after midnight, but I love snuggling in under my duvet in the middle of Winter and reading a few good chapters to relax my mind and to stop it from racing too much.

Not only is it the old-fashioned way of winding down, but it's the best way to wind down too.

There's other places I love to read as well. 

I read in my backyard, where I have a cool little set-up of a table and chairs in my little courtyard garden - which I have worked my butt off to make it look just lovely - and to settle in and read a few pages of my favourite book, before I get lost in my own daydreams of looking at my garden (yeah, that happens a lot when I'm there).

Then, there's the curb outside my house.  It's a nice little curb right in the sun.  This is a nice spot in Winter when it's a cold day, but the sun is warm... mmmm, nothin' like catching up with a few pages of my favourite book there - especially if I have a bit of a cold and I want to warm up and get some fresh air into me.

But now, I have a new thing to be comfy with; well, okay, it's not quite ready to be used as yet, but it will be in about a month or so.  

It's a chair I found at the back of my unit complex.

A neighbour and I were chatting and we saw it all wrapped up on its back.  I pulled its wrappings off and saw potential in this sweet piece!  

Sure, it needs work, but I love working on old, used pieces of furniture - especially if I want to use it for something in particular in my home.

This is going to be my reading chair.

Isn't is something?

What is your ideal place to read?  Is it a chair in your bedroom or living room? Is it in bed before turning out the light? Is it out on your verandah or patio overlooking your garden or suburb? Leave a comment (or a photo of your favourite chair) and let us know how often you enjoy your time with it... and if you don't get enough time to read there; don't you think it's time you set aside the time to just that soon? Yeah, me too... I haven't read anything fun lately either.  Until my next post, happy reading.

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