Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December Book Buys 2009

Wow! This month has just flown by; and I thought to get this done a week before so save me time (also because I'm taking the time off from 'My Reading List' too). December has been a very quiet month on the book purchasing calendar with only three books that I've bought this time around. And because I've been concentrating on sending out Christmas Cards, getting the right gift for the right people and packing for the coast, I'm afraid, these few are all there is. But as the saying goes: good things come in small packages... or is it numbers?

'The Circle Dreamer' by Melaina Feranda was bought at Bayer's Trading Post Pty Ltd at Redland Bay here in Queensland. It's a nice shop that sells anything and everything; but it was the books that I found were amazingly cheap, yet in very good condition. When I read the back of this one, I found it was for young adults, yet I didn't want to leave it behind; thinking it may be a good light read one day in the future.

'Finbar's Hotel' devised and edited by Dermot Bolger. I bought this one at the same place as the above book. However, I no longer have this one in my shelves. I sent this book away to a good Bookcrossing friend of mine in Maroochydore. She loves these kinds of books; so I wrapped it up with 'On The Road' by Jack Kerouac and gave it to her for Christmas (along with 3kg of other books I thought she'd love too!). Unfortunately, there's no book cover for this one; however I should have taken a photo of it before sending off for this purpose.

'Under The Dome' by Stephen King was a book I bought at QBD at Garden City. This was on of my Christmas gifts for myself; as I have always bought myself a gift for this time of year (when you live alone, you do). I have heard bad reviews about this book, however, I believe that all writers - no matter who they are or how good they are, have books that are average; and SK is no exception.

So, there you have it! My book purchases for this month; and therefore this year! This year has flown by us so quickly. But I will most definitely see you all back here in the New Year with more books to review and talk about, more authors and their books to discuss and a competition or two to tempt you with. And until then, I wish you a very Happy Holidays to you all and a Safe and Prosperous New Year! Happy Reading you to all!

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