Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ex Libris: Confession of a Common Reader by Anne Fadiman

Now, this is a book I just had to talk about before I finished it. It's a beautiful account of woman's love for her books and what she sees them as; along with her husband, George. In each chapter is a personal and touching view of how they married their two book collections together, what happened when they went on holidays and what books she read when she was pregnant (which she found interesting as much as I did). This wonderful - yet thin - book is a must on every booklover's To Be Read list. However, I will be looking out for my own copy to add to my personal collection.

I never thought there'd be a book out there like this. And now there is, it's inspired me to write again about my passion of books through my own life; as I began a book similar to it about a year or so ago. So, I will continue with the work on it.

I'd love to tell you about Anne Fadiman; however I've been unable to find an official website about her. I'll keep on searching and keep you all posted about it when I find one; and also put it into the sidebar.

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