Monday, December 21, 2009

The Results of Do Nothing But Read Day

I had a very dull day to work with and didn't get any reading done until the afternoon when the rain settled in. Beforehand though, as you can see, I posted which books I'll be taking with me to the coast, the washing up was done and figured out a few things to be packed for next week, then I practiced a bit of the piano and settled into the lounge and read only two of the planned four books.

In 'The Great American Bus Ride' by Irma Kurtz, she took me partway across the top of America in the dead of Winter during snow storms and blizzards. Irma was stuck in the small town of Lancing for three days until one of the locals took her to the next town to catch the next Greyhound Bus to keep her going. She met a Native Indian who had been waiting at a freezing bus station for twenty-seven hours; yet he wasn't complaining. This is where I put the book down. I had read around thirty-five pages and decided to go onto my next book.

I was also traveling in 'Arthur' by Stephen Lawhead; however, we traveled by sea up the east coast of England from Londinium towards Scotland. He was hoping to talk to Lord Lot and secure himself and his warband a fleet of ships from Lot to fight the Sea Wolves and the Picts. Merlin was not happy about this as Lot's stepmother was his worst enemy and carried his fate in her hands; and his fate was death. The last scene I saw was the fleet of ships on the ocean heading out... and what a sight it was! I only got to read around twenty-five to thirty pages of this one before it was time to get in and clean up a little before dinner.

So, what books did you get into on Sunday? Let met know and and how far did you get into them? Which scene was your favourite? And did you get past any slow parts and into interesting parts?

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