Friday, December 11, 2009

Good Spy Guide: Disguise & Make-Up by Rigby/Usborne Pocketbooks

For the ultimate in disguises on how to make a fake scar to making new eyebrows without having to go to the lengths of shaving your own off, this book will show you the ins and outs of being the perfect make-up artist and best kind of spy in your own home... and kids it's aimed at you! It's a funny and interesting way of whiling away the hours on a boring weekend during school holidays or trying to figure out which disguise would be the coolest for next Halloween (now there's an idea!).

I don't remember when I got this book as it's been in my possession for such a long time, I have never known my life without it. But I do remember trying out some of the scar and cut techniques in its pages; and found them pretty cool; even if my parents didn't think they weren't all that convincing. I've put this book into the database in and it didn't come up with it; so it may be out of print, or had a new title and reprint. In any case, it's a fun book for kids to fiddle around with.

At around the 1980's the popular Pocketbooks came out on the market that were fun and enjoyable to kids to get into. This one (The Good Spy Guide: Disguise & Make-Up) was published in 1978 and there were others published around 1980, 1981 and 1983 all on different subjects from 'Spotter's Guide to Flags' ,'Spotters Guide to Dinosaurs' and 'Spotters Guide to Airliners & Airlines' and also 'Fun With Electronics'. Being a company that was all for teaching kids a fun way of learning, they were popular and are now hard books to find or out of print.

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