Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Reads

As we all go on the Christmas Holiday Break, I'll be thinking about what you'll all be getting your noses into in the book world. I thought to let you in on my reading list for the holidays while I'm away. You see, I'll be reading as well as purchasing books on my vacation; yes, there's plenty of second-hand places to find some really unusual books where I'm going. Last year, I took four books with me, read one, got halfway through another and didn't read the other two. But I returned with fifteen other books! That's right! You read right. I weight the back of the car down with more books than I arrived with. Dad couldn't believe it! The wonderful thing is: I gave a lot of those books to friends. And some of those books are still awaiting their turn to be read; patiently sitting on my shelves for that day when I'll pick them up and read them. So, here's what I'll be taking to the coast with me.

'Make Lemonade' by Virginia Euwer Wolff. I've already begun it; and have found it very interesting and light. However, I'll see if I can get through it this week before I take off because of the other book I'm planning to take.

'Under The Dome' by Stephen King'. This is a book that I bought for myself for Christmas and have it wrapped up under the tree. So, once it's been unwrapped on the Big Day, I'll be packing it into the suitcase to take with me to while away the hours. I have read that this book a little average for SK, but every writer has their average books. Personally, I reckon he's got something brilliant that he's pacifying us with this for now until he publishes his next big book that'll blow us out of the water!

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