Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Reading Plans For 20th, December 2009!

The books I mainly have half-finished are stashed next to my bed. Honestly, I'm the worst person when it comes to putting a good book down and reading a bookring from Bookcrossing. Once I've finished a bookring, I totally forget that I was reading that first book in the first place and look for something else to read! Horror of horrors! What a dreadful person I am to just abandon a book by my bed in that fashion. So, tomorrow, I'm going to pick up some of the books I've left by my bed half-finished an have a go at them; and here are their titles:

'The Great American Bus Ride' by Irma Kurtz was given to me by a Bookcrosser and I dove straight into it! I love traveling - whether it be myself through my own means or through a book - I love it. However, once I found another book that needed reading within a certain amount of time in the mail, I put this one down and by my bed it stayed. This will be a good read tomorrow.

'Adam's Navel' by Michael Sims is another book I was given by a Bookcrosser. And I find it fascinating; yet it's a little on the boring side. But at times, when I've found it hard to sleep, I've have read bits and pieces
of it. But tomorrow, I'll read a big chunk of it if I can.

'Arthur' by Stephen Lawhead has been haunting my bedhead for a long time. I have read the first two books of this series and this book has gotten me bogged for some reason; and it's the third time I've tried to read it! Tomorrow is the day I'll get past the dull part I'm in and push into some good medieval action!

'The Day It Rained Forever' By Ray Bradbury is a book of short stories that I've found on my bookshelf with a bookmark in it. And I'll be poking my nose into this one tomorrow as well!

So, there you have it. My choice of books for tomorrow. I'll be reading between the hours of roughly 10am until late afternoon hopefully. And with these books by my side, I'm sure I'll be in good company.

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