Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Afternoon of Reading Results

It was a lovely day yesterday to get into reading; it was was also a good day to get a bit of housework done.  And once most of it was out of the way, I pulled out the deckchair, grabbed my books and ice cold Cranberry juice, camera and phones; then put Little Miss Stevie outside with me and settled in for a good few hours of reading.
My first book was 'Catch-22' by Joseph Heller.  I read from page 55 to 93 in about an hour and half.  I find reading about the war - any war - hard going; but once I enjoyed how the words were put together, and ignored the fact it was talking about the war, I enjoyed it.
Then 'The Gargoyle' by Andrew Davidson was next.  And it was also a totally different turn of pace too.  A lighter and more elegant style of writing; I enjoyed it to a point.  I did find parts of what I read a tad boring.  I read from page 117 to 141 in around an hour.
'The Alchemist' by Paulo Choelho is a book that I've recently picked up and have put down for one reason; and that's because it doesn't have chapter headings.  I like them for the fact that you can usually mark your way through a book with them.  However, this was something that bothered me about this book.  Once I got back into the book, I enjoyed pages 82 - 106 immensely; reading them in thirty-five minutes; and could have read more if I didn't have to get in and start thinking about dinner; as it was only half an hour away from 4pm and I needed to get in early.  
So, there was my afternoon of reading; and this got me wondering if any of you have done this kind of thing before; set yourself a challenge and tried to get through as many books as you could like I have.  I found this very relaxing and enjoyable, and will do it again soon.  Until my next post, happy reading.

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