Thursday, March 24, 2011

Buying On the Run

Yesterday, I wasn't feeling all that well.  My left ear was sore and so I was off to the doctors to get it looked at.  While it wasn't anything bad, I had to get some drops from the chemist in case it turned into something worse.  While waiting for the script, I thought a walk to The Book Warehouse couldn't hurt; and it didn't.
This is one of my favourite places to drop into while I'm on the run looking at books.  It's got all the hottest titles, some I haven't heard of, all the classics, some great kids books and a collection of books to consider buying.  And yesterday, I bought two.  The first one being 'Sons and Lovers' by D.H Lawrence.  A classic that I've never read, but heard so much about.  I've also heard this author is a rather kinky writer for his time.  So, that's another reason I wanted to buy it.
The other one is about a subject I love:  space and the universe.  It's titled:  'You Are Here' by Christopher Potter.  This is a funny and uncomplicated book about our universe and how it was made for those of us who don't have any idea how the psychics side of the Milky Way was made; and really would like to know.  I do have another book like this one, but it has completely confused me on the first few pages.  I hope this one doesn't.
When I returned home from the doctor and chemist, I found Mum was sorting out her Bookcrossing books to send off into the Wild.  So, I looked through the pile and asked if I could nab a few; and she said yes.  I picked up one and said I'd love to have 'The Liar' by Stephen Fry.  Now, I find this guy brilliant; and personally, if there was one person I could listen to speak all day, it would be this man.  He has such a wonderful voice; and is so intelligent, and he has a wonderful sense of humour.  
Well, they were my additions to my book collection this week.  It seems that I've fallen off the proverbial wagon this month - from making too many book purchases. But this is what happens when a big book company goes out of business... I get buying!  I'm just happy I didn't go biting into my holiday fund.  Until my next post, happy reading! 

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