Friday, March 18, 2011

Angus & Robertson Closing Down Sale

As you all know, Borders Bookstores have had financial difficulties in the last few years.  However, here in Australia, Angus & Robertson Bookstores and Borders were working together; and so when Borders finally had to close its doors, so did one of our longest running and most important book publishers and bookstores in Australia has to close its doors.  And why not go out with bang at Garden City than with a 75% off all books sale.  And today, Mum and I took off to that.  
At first, she was there just to pick up a book; and I was there to be good and watch the people politely fight over the books that were left (as half the bookstore had already been emptied since this morning; and the store is closing on Sunday).  Instead, Mum bought two books and I bought five.  Yeah, I broke my promise to back off on my purchasing spree each month... so much for promises!  But just look at what I got myself!  All of these books are brand new and they were 75% off the full price!  What bargains!  And Mum bought me the really thick one... how good is that?
We had a great day out and I'm glad that I got one book off my wish list... and that's a great thing.  The one problem I have now is trying to find a place to put these books - as I do each time I go book shopping.


  1. Great selection - I think you were very reserved, I'd most definitely be one of the people with elbows akimbo and a rabid look in my eyes grabbing everything I could find. Needless to say I'll be preserving my dignity, and my bank account by avoiding every Angus and Robertson I can! My TBR shelf has over 100 books on it, so I really don't need to be adding to it any time soon!

  2. Truthfully, I had an approximate amount I wanted to spend (that was $30) and seeing I'm lousy at maths, I really didn't know how much money I was spending when I got to the counter. So, when the lady told me the price, I was really surprised - and very happy to hand over the cash.

    And I do look forward to getting my nose into 'Perfume' as I've been looking for that for ages.