Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Been Readin'

I know that February doesn't look like I've been anywhere near a book; but really I've had my nose stuck in many of them.  And I've also been out and about running around raising funds for The World's Greatest Shave, attending the River of Hope Festival, moving a new television unit into my house and old furniture out into my carport... and in amongst that I've been poking my nose in 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho.  A book about the journey of a young boy who grows into a young man following his dream to find treasure; and how it takes him across not only a desert but through many trades and working and talking with many people to realise that it's the journey that turns him into a man not the treasure he sought out in the first place.  But reading the book is an adventure in itself with writing as refreshing as a Summer breeze and no chapters to speak of.
I've been looking into the last issue of 'Good Reading' Magazine and am looking forward to buying next month's issue to read up on an interview with Jeffery Archer.  Now, I've been past his house in the UK in 1997... a very nice stately old house with trees all around, a large circular drive and brick and steel fence lining the road.  However, the people who were driving me to another destination didn't stop for me to get a photo... pity, it would have been a good one.  The best thing is that I have the memory of it.
I'm also struggling with 'Neuromancer' by William Gibson.  It's fantastically written; yet hard to get into, and reminds me of 'Snow Crash' by Neil Stephenson in a lot of ways.  So, that's what I've been busy reading.  What have you gotten your nose into lately?  Until my next post, keep reading!

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