Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Colourful Reading Place

Yesterday, I went out to a party.  But on the way, my friend, Geoff Treagus, and I drove through the West End of Brisbane to have a look at an art gallery we were planning of getting some of our work put into later on this year; but it was closed.
However, while we were waiting, we decided to drop into 'Bent Books' on Boundary Street.  Its big colourful awning is the first thing you see; and then there's the inviting lots of books that are sitting out the front to tempt you inside to peruse the floor to ceiling shelves.  The floors are old and creaky and the store is fully air-conditioned; and the books are just lovely, as are the owners, who know everything about their stock and relate well with their customers.  
There was one book that caught my attention from across the store and so I grabbed it off the shelf and was thinking I was going to pay dearly for it; but I was pleasantly surprised to find that 'Catch-22' by Joseph Heller only cost me $12.00 and it's in very good condition.  They sold gorgeous bookmarks for $3.50 and so I bought one of those as well and I grabbed one of two Bent Books business cards.
This bookstore is on the right street in West End, with a huge array of books and with the right people running it.  And if they don't have the books, the owners are more than happy to point you in the the right direction - to another bookstore in Brisbane City - so you can find the books you're after.  I do recommend you check out this bookstore.  It's not open after dark, though, so make a day of it and check it out one day or weekend while you're in West End.

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  1. I love the eye catching storefront!! It is very colorful indeed.... Gotta love it!