Friday, July 1, 2011

Borders Gone!

Today, I went to Garden City in the search of my monthly magazine 'Good Reading'.  It was there; and has a new cover!  So, it took time to find it.  But that wasn't all that changed!  The whole magazine had a complete change inside and out; and the whole thing looks beautiful and makes you want to read it more when you look at it.  Now, that's what a magazine is supposed to do!
While I was at Garden City, I had to also pick up some paint and I thought to look through QBD to see what I could find that the way of a great deal (as there's always a great deal in that store), and I found a book that I've been eying off for ages.  It's 'The Bro Code' by Barney Stinson and Matt KuhnIt's a funny book about what the rules are for being a man in the eyes of Barney Stinson (the womanising character from the television hit comedy 'When I Met Your Mother').  I love this show and think these rules are hilarious; and just had to find the book to have a good laugh.
On my way to QBD and the art shop, I walked past where Borders was and found it all closed up completely.  It looks kind of sad at how dark is all is now; how it used to be overflowing with books and people, with the aroma of coffee wafting from within.  Even though I didn't shop there very often, Garden City now has only one bookstore; this is because when Borders closed down, Angus & Roberston on the upper level also went as they worked together.  So, now QBD is getting all the business it used and the place is busier than ever! (Oh, yes, this photo I've put up, I took myself... something I quickly did while there was no security to stop me from doing as usually you need a permit to photograph inside Garden City.)  

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  1. Of all the chain bookstores out there in the world, I'm sad to see Borders gone! We had a lovely 3 story Borders in downtown Santa Barbara that was fabulous to hang out in and one in Goleta too. When we would travel down South to visit family in LA or San Diego, we'd stop off at any of the 4 Borders store on our drive to visit family for short breaks to stretch our legs and have a look around the Borders store! My hubby would always head to the magazine rack, while I'd spend time in the Bargain Book area. Those were the days.

    Sadly, our one and only Barnes & Noble closed too. So, we no longer have any chain bookstores in Santa Barbara or nearby cities to SB. Just the independent ones.