Saturday, July 23, 2011

Problems with Blogger

I'm going to approach an issue I've been having with Blogger and Firefox. Now, it's got to do with something that's been happening with Blogspot and Blogger have been trying to fix it. I have had problems with posting. When I click on the 'New Post' item in the top right corner, it comes up with the Edit page and not the Compose page. If you're having this problem as a fellow Blogger - you're not alone. There are plenty of Bloggers out there having problems like this; people who are using Firefox 4.0.
I'm using Explorer to do my posts here; and if you want to try that out, it'll look like it's not letting you sign in, but once you get to the dashboard, just click on the little blue button which says 'New Post' and you'll come through to a 'Compose' window... easy. And you'll be on your way.

I know this isn't about books; it's more about information than anything else. I just hope it's fixed very soon. Until my next post, guys, keep on following and happy reading!


I've been trying to figure out what's going on with Blogger and it's editing problems. After waiting for what feels like an eternity, I was looking around their Help forums and found out that their new Editing system has been having problems.. .big ones.... and so I've had to go back to using the old Editing system; another one is to make this blog untranslatable. Sorry, people. You can translate this another way through putting the url through Google where there's a translation tool there. I hope I've helped you with everything you've needed.

Happy Reading.

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