Monday, July 11, 2011

Short Stories Indulgence

It's been a while since I've made a post.  The reason is that I haven't really been reading all that much; well, I have, but not books.  I've begun reading short story books; and I only read these when I've read a massive book or have read a couple of non-fiction and my brain has to unwind a bit.  
So, what has happened is: I took a month to read 'Acheron' by Sherrilyn Kenyon (which is around 700 pages or so) and found I really didn't wish to get into another book of that size.  So, I picked up a short story book and began reading... then I found another one around my house got into that one too.  They're nice, concise stories that have a great little plot with only a few characters and they really don't require me to do anything much in the way of committing myself into a huge story; not when I've read such a massive book.
The two books I've been reading are: 'Altogether Now' by Monica MacInerney and 'Not the End of the World' by Kate Atkinson.  Both are totally different genres and have different length stories in them; and I love jumping from one to the other to read something different at different times of the day.  So, what are you reading that may be differing from the norm?  If you're normally a romance reader, are you getting into sci-fi; or maybe you're crime reader and you're trying out literature.  Leave a comment and us all know.  Until my next post, Happy Reading.

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