Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Book Buys

I've had a great month of book purchases; of books that I've wanted to read and books that have surprised me. Then, I became extremely unfocused! How tedious is that? So, I stopped reading for a while and have been concentrating on something else: Spring Cleaning; which has brought me back to reading. How good is that? So, here they are. The books that I've bought this month!
The first book is something I've wondered about on 'How I Met Your Mother' and now I have it, I found it a hilarious read. I bought 'The Bro Code' by Barney Stinson and Matt Khun at QBD Bookstore Garden City on the first week of this month. I was told by the shop assistant that it was the most popular book bought by women in the last year.
The next two books were bought at The Book Warehouse at Springwood. 'How to Hepburn' by Karen Karbo and 'All Together Now' by Monica McInerey. The first one is all how Katherine Hepburn lived; while the second one is full of short stories of this great Aussie author; which I greatly enjoyed (and did a review on as well once I finished the book and handed it onto my Mum to read).
I bought the classic Australian book 'My Place' by Sally Morgan, 'The Wendy House' by Imogen Edward-Jones and 'Angela's Ashes' by Frank MacCourt at the Thrift Store down the road from me for around $3.00 (this is including a nice Glo-Mesh handbag) while I was out and about for a walk on a nice warm Winter afternoon. I bought these on 14th, July and all I was doing was going for a walk on a lovely warm Winter's day; and these two books were a surprise to find.
Well, that's all the books I've bought this month. Good finds, Classics and good fun reads in this lot! So, what have you found while out and about this month? Leave a comment and let us know. Until my next post, happy reading!

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