Friday, July 15, 2011

Fantasy Time!

Okay... it's time to kick back and use our imaginations.  I've been reading about second-hand bookstores taking on a secret life of their own.  One is in NYC that's gone secret and another is a floating one - as you have read in my posts below; and aren't they the coolest?
Now, what would you do if you had enough cash, your dream location and plenty of books to stock your dream bookstore?  Where would to build it?  What would you call it?  What kind of books would you stock?  This idea has been knocking around my head all afternoon and night and I just can't go to bed without writing it down (being a writer, when I good idea hits me, I must, must, must write it down otherwise I won't sleep).
My dream bookstore would be here in Brisbane on a nice big piece of land in a Queenslander home.  Each room would be stocked full of isles of books with good, tall bookcases, tables, lovely winged chairs, chaise lounges and bay windows to sit at to let in natural light with curtains and shades.  There'd be fireplaces in two rooms so anyone who wanted to snuggle by the fire could do so in Winter and read to their heart's content.  And there's be a large iron fireguard to keep the hearth clean and free from embers.  Surrounding the house would be a nice, wide, covered verandah so people could go outside and have tea or coffee at their leisure and look over the well-kept property.  Or better still, take their purchases out into the garden and spend the day reading under one of the massive, sprawling Jacaranda Trees around the place.  
The books I'd stock would be all second-hand.  They'd be between $2.00 and $20.00 and in good condition.  I wouldn't be selling anything that is falling apart - after all, you do want to have a good book to take home.  I'd stock out of print and rare books so you can come and find those books you've been looking for for years; and yet they have been right under your nose here just on the outskirts of the capital of Queensland.
My brother would have a branch of his coffee shop at my bookstore, for your convenience.  His gourmet coffees would be served up to you after you've purchased your books as you sit out the back under the cover of a Star Jasmine vine and enjoy the peace and quiet to peruse your purchases and enjoy your coffee or tea with your eats.  
My bookstore would be called:  'A Book Collector's Delights'   So, what would you do if you had the cash, your ideal place for a store and any kind of stock you wanted?

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