Friday, July 15, 2011

England's Book Barge

As I was saying the below post, there is the demise of the second-hand and smaller bookstores all due to the larger ones pushing them out.  So, with these smaller business closing down, they all have to go somewhere.  Brazenhead Books - in New York - went secret.  And now, there's another in the UK where the owner has turned a barge into a bookstore which will tour the canals around England; and there's plenty of those waterways in that country.  This is another ingenious way of selling books; but at a slower speed than the hustle and bustle of the everyday rat race.

Book Shop Barge 

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  1. LOL, I should've looked at your bookstore posts before writing on your wall earlier this week saying that I was going to be making a post about the Book Barge! I would've seen you'd already done so. The Book Barge looks amazing and I so want to visit it someday.