Saturday, March 17, 2012

Community Centre Buy-Up!

Today, I was up nice and early and out the door by 9am to be at the Springwood East Community Centre for their thrift sale.  Almost everything there was under $5.00!  This ranged from t-shirts, plants, knick-knacks, shoes and also books!  So, Mum picked me up and we drove there nice and early to look around.  I had a quick gander, however, I was back looking at the plants to see what I could nab for my garden.  I picked out four plants and paid under $20 for them all (and even scored a lovely pot with some succulents and that was $5.00!).
But it was the books I looked at last; as they were the things I really didn't wish to crash and burn on.  Seeing I already have plenty to choose from, I wanted to pick out only what I wanted - needed - to read and I wanted to do this carefully and in an unrushed manner too.  So, I picked out four great ones I thought would pick up my spirits after the dull old week of sitting around on my butt waiting for a tiny bone to heal:  'You Suck' by Christopher Moore caught my eye immediately.  And being a funny writer, I thought it would make me laugh; also it's a vampire novel too. 
Then, I found 'Born on a Rotten Day: Illuminating and Coping With the Dark Side of the Zodiac' by Hazel Dixon-Cooper.  Now, talk about funny!  My Mum got her nose into this book and laughed her head off at her star sign then just had to look up Dad's; which had her snorting as she read!  So, I'm looking forward to using this on as a good one to read for a giggle on any day when I'm wondering exactly why my friends are like they are.  I found one on the Beatles titled: 'The Music and the Artistry of the Beatles' by Mark Hertsgaard.  I haven't seen this one around before, but it does look like a good read.  And the last one was a book Mum handed me and I bought because it's a Native North American Indian Spiritual one; and I love that kind of thing:  'Native Wisdom for White Minds' by Anne Wilson Schaef.  
Before we knew it, we were off to my parent's house and then off to the World's Greatest Shave event!  I didn't raise as much money as I did last year; but I did colour and shave.  I looked like a melted packet of skittles... all the colours of the rainbow!  And I got a little bit shaved under my red tresses... shocked the hell outa Mum! Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful shopping spree!! Great sounding books make interesting reads. Both "You Suck" and "Born on a Rotten Day" sound funny.

    1. 'Born on a Rotten Day' had both Mum and I in stitches about our zodiacs... especially when she looked up Dad's horoscope! It was hilarious... so I do look forward to looking at all of the signs of the zodiac and the finding out the low-down on each one in a rather literal sense. :P