Friday, March 30, 2012

No Comment

I have a problem... a big one.  It's got to do with all of you guys who have a blog on my Blog Roll on the side bar.  Now, some of you may have noticed that I haven't been commenting lately.


The problem is that I have been unable to.  Google is no help as they just won't answer any of my questions; and there's another blogger out there who has the same problems as me.  And all Google will ask me is: 'what format are you using? What browser are you using?' 

Um, does that really make a difference? No. 

I just need some help getting in and being able to comment on the pages and blogs I want - and need - to comment on.  if I can't, well, I'm sorry about that guys.  I'd like to be able to e-mail you personally.  You can find me at Bookcrossing under my screen name there and let me know your e-mail address and I can talk to you through your e-mail until Google gets their heads out of the sand to help people comment on blogs because - well, face it - this is driving me nuts!  
It's been almost 4 days and I'm unable to talk to any of you on your blogs - well maybe one or two of you, but not all 25 of your blogs and that's not good.

So, if you can help me, please do leave me a comment and help me with this problem.  Until my next post, happy reading.

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