Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Great Cities: San Francisco

I love this city; absolutely adore it to the very core! From the Golden Gate Bridge to Coit Tower to Lombard Street and the infamous prison 'The Rock' Alcatraz in the middle of the bay, I have had a love affair with this city for a long time... however, I've never been there.
There have been films and television shows I've watched just to see the gorgeous views and I've taken in educational shows about the San Andreas Fault that is the biggest of its kind.
However, it's the city I'd love to live in and see and delve myself into; and this book get me lost in it every time. It doesn't matter that it's an old one, it's the beauty of the parks, the streets, the people and those cable cars that get me every time. And just like the song, I have lost my heart to San Francisco and would love to see her sights and smells and journey around her hilly surrounds to find out more about her.

This book may be published in 1979, however, I don't mind. I know this city has changed a lot. And since, my parents have been there to see it (and strangely enough, every time we talked over the phone, I kept suggesting places for them to and see and when they did, they were surprised I knew about them!). Mum said she could see me living in San Fran quite easily because it was an easy place to get around, the people were lovely, food was gorgeous and there were so many art galleries, I'd be there for a few years just to see them all.


  1. Oh, dear, you must go! I do hope you get the opportunity. Do you know about the San Francisco Center for the Book? I also adore the Columbarium, a rather surprising tourist destination.

  2. I will most definitely go one of these days when I have the money all pulled together. I'll most probably get into travelling again when I decide which countries I want to go to the most; then book a 'round-the-world' trip for a few months/years and take my time... most probably blogging it as I go.