Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Oak by Geoffrey Patterson

Oaks are amazing trees; and they can grow almost anywhere in the world. We have some here in Brisbane's Botanical Garden; and they are magnificent! This book is a gorgeously illustrated book that tells the story of one oak that begins from the acorn when it fell from the parent tree and it grew. This Oak Tree grew and it witnessed the goings-on of the township around it from its beginnings as a village to a bustling, industrial city. The Oak survived all kinds of weather through the years as time passed, carnivals came and went and the many people walked around it.
However, it's not just the illustrations that can tell the story, the way Geoffrey Patterson has written book is brilliant. It's suitable for all ages and keeps us interested to the very end. And he says the same thing every time: Oak Trees are the most beautiful and long-lasting trees. They stand the test of time and are worth growing if you have the space.

Geoffrey Patterson was born and brought up in Wimbledon and left school to work for the interior designer, John Siddeley. he then moved to BBC Television where he spent 10 years working as set designer and now he lives and works in Suffolk as a free-lance illustrator. The Oak is largely a result of Geoffrey's particular passion for trees.
Geoffrey Patterson is a published author and an illustrator of children's books. Some of the published credits of Geoffrey Patterson include The Elephant's Child, The Lion and the Gypsy (Windy Edge).

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