Thursday, October 1, 2009

A New and Exciting Purchase

I found this book in a Salvation Army store while I was searching for something else - isn't that always the way? Well, I always peruse the classics shelves; you never know what you may find there. And out of print, first edition - or better still - a signed copy! I came across this lovely number in hard cover for $4.00. And having searched the net, found out on (the link to it is on the sidebar), it's worth around $55.00 or so in its current condition.

This book, with its three short novels within, continue the lives of the Brangwen Sisters. So, I do look forward to reading this rather hefty volume of stories; as I've heard D.H. Lawrence a bit sexy and racy for his time. So, do look out for his works if you're interested.
Also, I've included a site you can go to on the sidebar for more information about him and his works.

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