Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Forks isn't the same without the Cullens - especially without Edward around. Bella is having nightmares from the time she closes her eyes to the moment the poor excuse for daylight filters through her window to wake her. And even then, life feels like a living nightmare. She tends to drift from home to school to her part-time job at a camping store in town and back again; and it's driving her father, Charlie, nuts. He threatens to send her to Florida where her mother is with her new husband and Bella snaps, screaming at him that this is her home and it's where she's going to stay. It's around this time she begins to hang around Jacob Black; her old childhood friend.
After a few weeks, she finds that life isn't so bad and she can laugh and smiled again. But there's a new threat on the horizon... in fact there's a few. After learning about vampires in Forks, is Bella ready to enter the world of a different kind? The world of werewolves?
Then, comes the news that Edward is in Italy. He's ready to kill himself because he's heard she is dead; all because of a high risk stunt Bella pulled. Will she choose to stay with Jacob and his kind? Or will she risk her life in Italy amongst a city run by vampires?

Once I read 'Twilight', I thought that it wasn't really much. But then, I looked at how thick the second book was and thought it might be okay to read; it may tighten up (as many sagas I've read do). And 'New Moon' has been a total change from the light, popcorn-type of read. In fact, I found it a complete opposite to it. It was full of more tension and suspence, humour and violence than the first one. If you can put up with the first book, which is really a fast and light read, I do recommend this book to you. However, it's still very light-on with the vampire lore that I know of.

There is a Stephenie Meyers link on the sidebar to her official website. And seeing I've already done a review of 'Twilight', I won't run the risk of repeating myself about her education and life again here. Just click on it and you'll be taken straight there.

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