Friday, October 30, 2009

Single White Vampire by Lynsay Sands

Lucern Argeneau is the best-selling writer and biographer of his family, books that were just pigeon-holed as 'paranormal romance'. He's reclusive, quiet and doesn't wish to be disturbed by the outside world too much. All he wishes for is to write his family biography in peace. His new editor Kate C. Leever of Roundhouse Publishing has just discovered a legacy author dying to be broken out. Actually her whole career depends on it. In her opinion, this very tall, sensually handsome and extremely rude man needs to have a reality check.
Lucern really doesn't want to be dragged from his very comfortable home in Toronto to a Romance Convention all in the name of publicity. His books are doing just fine in his opinion. And he wishes he could do something to get rid of Kate; yet whenever she's not around him, he misses her like crazy.

This very funny and erotic vampire romance had me laughing and remembering the frustrations of how the relationships between men and women haven't changed; even if those particular relationships and age groups span a few centuries. 'Single White Vampire' is well worth a read over a good dreary weekend when there's nothing on the television; as it's a great one to sink your teeth into.

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