Monday, October 26, 2009

October Book Buys

This month, I've been busily purchasing books for all kinds of things. One of those things was a meet-up with two lovely Bookcrossers from interstate; and so I went book-hunting at a newly-opened Life Line Super Store on Wembley Road at Logan Central. And what a shop! It doesn't have much of a book section, but it had a huge variety there of books; and I dove in and bought up big!
'Oxygen' by Andrew Miller was a nice-looking hardcover that caught my eye and I thought I'd read it over the warmer months (I do try to read less-challenging books over Christmas as it's the time we do kick back and have fun). Then, there was 'The Year of Dangerous Loving' by John Gordon Davis; which is set in China. So, this one is being sent off to a good friend of mine who lives South Korea who loves reading books based in Asia. 'The Booke of Days' by Stephen J. Rivelle is another that caught my eye. I did own a copy of this one last year, however, I let it go out into the wild via a Bookcrossing Mass Release; and I absolutely regret it! Now, I'll read this one before doing anything with it. I found 'London - A Novel' by Edward Rutherfurd in paperback! And what a huge book! I have a copy of this one in hardcover; so I'll be using this one to post off next year for a competition or something. Then, I found 'Two Moons by Jennifer Johnston and 'Tullulahland' by Lyn Messina which I sent off to my two Bookcrossing friends who I met up with here in Brisbane. I finally found a book at another store which I fell in love with titled: 'The Touch of Twilight' by Vicki Petterson. A few weeks before - around the beginning of October - I bought two books at Angus & Robertson. They were situated behind the counter and were half price. There was: 'Sage-ing While Age-ing' by Shirley MacLaine and 'After River' by Donna Milner. So, I had a brilliant month budget book buying; and seeing a good lot of them have ended up being presents, I don't feel too guilty about spending the money. So, until next month's guilty pleasures... Happy Reading!

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